Kommentarer från Wolfgang Pfeiffer

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Startnummer 89
Wolfgang Pfeiffer / Peter Knöbel
MSC Gütersloh - Porsche 911 S

Målet SS1
It's very difficult. I have never seen the road before and no notes.

Målet SS3
Very difficult for me, but a good stage!

Målet SS5
Very good experience but we have to practice more in Sweden som we can learn the roads.

Målet SS7
It's a lot of fun and very very nice, but we must learn to read the swedish roads.

Målet SS11
Getting better en better. We are learning and learning. After the rally we started it again.

Målet SS12
Beautiful countryside. The stage are getting better and better for us.

Målet SS16
Perfectly OK! Very nice but slippery. We like it.

Målet SS18
Getting tired now. Very good rally. We had a problem with the ignition but we fixed it, but we were very nervous.

Målet SS20
This was one of the nicest one. Can we drive it once again.

Målet SS22
This was not rally. It was go-cart. This really should be a part of the championship.


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